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I cannot argue against the fact that there are a lot of traditionalists in Dalmatia (which isn't always a positive), but many "old-fashioned values" also include: loving & respecting their family and elders, working hard, building a home filled with love, respecting women, sharing duties, supporting their wives...Maybe it's a modern twist on "old-fashioned values" but the Dalmatian men I know are definitely men of these principles.So while they may be men of few words at times, their actions speak volumes, from opening car doors to proposals, Dalmatian men are far more chivalrous and romantic than they let on.I married my guy in a whirlwind romance, but I'm not the only one with a romantic story, my friend shared this:"We went for a long weekend away (yes it was in Dalmatia, but still, read on...) organized entirely by my fiancé, we had a private table by the pool and a pre-organized 5-course meal, he was unusually nervous, considering he is generally uber-confident (the reason I fell for him to begin with); all of a sudden 6 men started walking towards us singing - it was a local Klapa group, he then dropped to one knee and proposed, the most incredible moment of my life"...Like anything in life, good things take time, so maybe it is just a matter of finding one of the 'good ones'...Located in Southeastern Europe bordering the Adriatic Sea, Croatia consists of over four million people.If you marry a Dalmatian, it will mean you lose him for a period when it comes time to harvest the family olives, grapes or any kind of produce...BUT, this just means you have an endless supply of wine, olive oil, potatoes, tomatoes, salad...

The Croats are family oriented people and have very close relationships with their extended families.Whether men are great in the kitchen or not, I think it is fair to say, in most cultures there are 'go-to' meals that most men can cook; Dalmatian men are no exception.All the men I know here can cook (traditional Dalmatian dish - vegetables, meat, herbs and olive oil, cooked under burning embers in an iron bell-like dome) and of course every man loves to do a pig or lamb on the spit. Coffee culture is strong here in Dalmatia, but not so much the 'going on dates' culture, regardless of this, they have their ways.If you date or marry a Dalmatian, chances are he works on or has some connection to the sea.My husband is a Captain and has been working at sea for more than 15 years, to say it is his passion is an understatement - but I believe a man should be passionate about something and if that 'thing' happens to be working with and protecting nature - even better. OK, this isn't really a 'why you should marry a Dalmatian' and is unfortunately true of Dalmatian men, but, side note - ever seen the body of water-polo players? For a long while, my single gals and I had a running joke - where are the real men???

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