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nitnn ^aipan ^K^am anaan ninx ^b* dbti jij3 Dn^rn'? to Paris, to be printed, and in 1538, when Levita wrote the third Introduction to his Massoreth Ha-Massoreth, he fully believed that it was actually in the press.

D^p^na niatyn , ia Kin* N^n on^ is'^iy nnan in na laa 'n 'i 'n '♦ db'^ o^aiao dhb' cni N nbit T'^p on on NNinw T'r ]"^2r^h"l c]^"n ^'V^a Dnty *n^Ni ,'n N o^n^N p^n'^N »:n N pi ,"TNa n Na dot ana' nin^ »n N na N 'f? "I hope to God, blessed be His name," says he, in this Introduction,^ "that it will soon see the light, having given it to be printed in the great city of Paris, in the king- dom of France;" and even three years later, he still says, in the Introduction to his Explanation of the 712 words, ** The Book of Remembrance I am now printing," From some unknown cause, however, the work was not printed, and the MS., consisting of two immense folios, is in the Imperial Library at Paris.

A biographical slcetch of this most distinguished Jewish philosopher, as well as an analysis of his remarkable works, will be found in Kitto's Cyclopc Bdia of Biblical Litarature. Great as was the change which had now taken place in France with regard to Hebrew literature (1520), it had not as yet reached its culminating point. of The Mmsoretic Concordance at Paris, whither De Selve had sent it to be printed at his own expense, that we actually see how love for Hebrew overcame hatred of the Hebrews.

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a vyrv dk jai ,npnsb npnsn npisa nanoai npns nanoa .nnts'i rh^ tyi K^a »pa' nnaty *Da D'pi Dan kso* K^n pios »9 ^p naj; p B''7a D»ana aina^ nsi^a^ 'd 'in n^pinn ana aina*? mp^B' D^ssfia^n ppa i Tan^ K'rno I'jya v^n K'i B'a ik moa j'jya noa B'l E'a in ija K'ntra p*j;» F 34 n D3 under ni D3, or into the root yhn under ni V^HD. To those who want to write poetry, they will find under every root the words which rhyme. In the first place, those who dispute with us are in the habit of adducing passages according to the signs which the Christians made in the Bible, and which they call chapters, saying. nannn^ D*'7^n ants^ ^hnh , d'jqin '^t^a nn ,umia Na i3*^» anjjnan- ^^i D'DNp ajiiy^a on'? Now, he who wants to enquire into these matters, let him look into the roots HE'D, to anoint; ni'J, to take captive; 7Ni to redeem, &c., and he will find all the passages treating thereon.

Universal law; Moorish Divine and National movement was created for the purpose of uplifting fallen humanity.

Universal law; Moorish Divine and National movement was created for the purpose of uplifting fallen humanity. Tools for the master-builder that dwells within all.

Justiniani, who learned his Hebrew from the celebrated Jewish physician, Jacob Mantin, also conducted the Hebrew studies at the University of Kheims.

As a text-book for teaching the Grammar, he reprinted the vitiated edition of Moses Kimchi's Outlines of Hebrew Grammar, with Levita's annotations (Paris, 1520).^ To shew the French Christians at large the value of Hebrew hterature, and to point out the great advantage to be derived from studying it, this Dominican, Justiniani, also published in the same year (1520) a Latin translation, from the Hebrew, of Maimonides' clebrated religio- philosophical work, entitled The Guide of the Perplexed,^ the very book which, three centuries ago, the hyper-orthodox Jews, with the 28 A description of tliis Grammar has already been given, vide supra^ p. 29 Maimonides was bom at Cordova, March 30, 1135, and died December 13, 1204. 37 assistance of the Dominicans, publicly committed to the flames, as a most heretical and pernicious production.

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