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Edison Fontanilla was away on vacation with his family when they thought they’d check in on their dog, who was being looked after back at home.At first, the dog didn’t even realising they were on the phone screen – but as soon as he heard their voices, his face completely lit up.Experts advise charging and discharging in small quantities, but if the urgency is there to wake up to a fully powered i Phone, consider dropping on the Belkin Conserve Socket.It preserves juice by automatically turning off after a set time.The chemicals found in cleaning products eat away at the coating on the panel.Invest in a streak-free cleaner or Otterbox’s Alpha Glass screen protector to keep the retina display looking sharp.

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VOICE CONTROLLED DRONES: Drones are commonplace today and versions similar to the one owned by character K from the movie could be on the market soon.

So check the bottom of your cords for any lumps or tears.

Good news is Apple offers a guarantee on its accessories and will more than likely replace them.

Problem is, the handset requires a good amount of it to continue functioning.

Spare yourself the torture of deleting photos to free up space and just pick up a Mophie Spacestation for the extra memory (32GB/64/128GB) and power. Common sense should tell you that Windex isn’t the ideal solution for removing touch-screen smudge.

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