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In Apache territory, a supply army column heads for the next fort, an ex-scout searches for the killer of his Indian wife, and a housewife abandons her husband in order to re-join her Apache lover's tribe.

Regimental Sergeant Major Lauderdale is a spit-and-polish, by-the-book disciplinarian, who seems like a 19th century anachronism in a sleepy peacetime African outpost of the modern British Commonwealth.

Tina Brown CBE (born Christina Hambley Brown; 21 November 1953), is a journalist, magazine editor, columnist, talk-show host and author of The Diana Chronicles, a biography of Diana, Princess of Wales.

The RSM rightfully puts him in his place, and while we may find this sort of behavior hard to understand today, RSM Lauderdale is really the kind of guy you want to have in a crisis.

A fine story and a touching portrait of a kind of soldier we are not likely to see anymore. A coup takes place at the start of move, with government being over thrown by rebel soldiers.

The British Army Training Team are told to stay in their barracks and not get involved, but they don't....

Co-starring Mia Farrow (in her film debut), Guns at Batasi is an ? The movie concerns itself with a post-colonial African nation, under-going the usual tumult for that time and place.

Attenborough is first rate as the stiff upper-lipped RSM.

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