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The Peter Basch Collection includes iconic images of all the major midcentury stars, from Europe and America.These masterful images are a window onto a time we cannot forget, when movie stars stepped out of the studio’s control, and we began to see these larger-than-life performers as full, three-dimensional personalities.Peter Basch was born in Berlin, Germany, the only child of Felix Basch and Grete Basch-Freund, both prominent theater and film personalities of the German-speaking world.In 1933 the family came to New York due to fears of rising anti-Jewish sentiment and laws in Germany.He was known for his images of celebrities, artists, dancers, actors, starlets, and glamour-girls in America and Europe.

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Basch authored and co-authored a number of books containing his photographs including: Candid Photography (1958 with Peter Gowland Basch and Don Ornitz Basch) Peter Basch's Glamour Photography (A Fawcett How-To Book) (1958) Peter Basch photographs beauties of the world (1958) Camera in Rome (1963 with Nathan and Simon Basch) Peter Basch Photographs 100 Famous Beauties (1965) The nude as form & figure (1966) Put a Girl in Your Pocket: The Artful Camera of Peter Basch (1969) Peter Basch's Guide to Figure Photography (1975 with Jack Rey) Thoughts on Peter Basch by his daughter: "My Father, Peter Basch, saw. The trees had leaves, were close together, the green was dark, vivid, the sun playing with the shadow. He had a true love and appreciation of beauty in its purest form.

My Father saw the thought and seized it for posterity. Changed the film, made sure the lens was clean, stood in during special poses, helped in the dark room, retouched to refine and perfect. He listened to Jane Fonda, Ursula Andress, Brigit Bardot, Fellini, Mastroiani and so many more.

My Father understood the language light speaks to shadow. His favorite moment was at Sunrise when the shadows were long and soft. He listened and recorded the answer, the thought, that moment of indecision, realization and Seduction." Claudia Cardinale (born 15 April 1938) is an Italian Tunisian actress, and has appeared in some of the most prominent European films of the 1960s and 1970s.

The family moved to Los Angeles to assist in Basch's father's career, during which time Basch went to school in England.

Upon returning to the United States, Basch joined the Army.

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