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Oftentimes, in-app purchases are shortcuts that can be obtained by simply playing the game and achieving certain goals.

And too often, a game or app is designed around enticing users into in-app purchases.

By default, the App Store will prompt for a password for even a free game or app, but if you have recently typed in your password, there is a grace period where apps can be downloaded without being verified.

If the i Pad is primarily used by kids, especially toddlers, it may be a good idea to simply turn off the App Store.

This passcode can also be different from the passcode used to unlock the device, so if you want to give your kid free access to the i Pad, you can choose a different code for the restrictions than used for the passcode lock.More on How to Turn Off In-App Purchases It doesn't take even a two-year-old long to learn how to use the i Pad.This includes finding their way onto the app store and how to buy apps.You can get to this setting in the "Allowed Content" section under "Websites.By default, the i Pad will allow all websites to be displayed.

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