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Laptops and other large electrical items must be taken out of your hand luggage and screened separately.

For more information visit our East Midlands airport luggage and security page..

Originally a Royal Air Force station, East Midlands airport is now a hub for commuters and holiday makers.

It is also popular with amateur pilots as East Midlands Airport holds a CAA Public Use Aerodrome Licence (Number P520) which means it is available for flying lessons.

Plane enthusiasts will be pleased to know the East Midlands Aeropark, a museum of preserved planes, is located at East Midlands airport in the north west corner of the airport site.

Anyone can go to visit the static display for a small fee which goes to the Aeropark Volunteers Association and inspect the old planes.

If you need more than 100ml of liquid medicine during the flight, you’ll need to get approval from the airline beforehand and bring documentation from a medical professional with you.We are a (middle aged) couple with a teenage daughter. We travel as a family of 4 adults, when booking our holiday we always make sure we go from Nema. Other than that, keep the traveler happy, they will keep coming to Nema.We find the check-in very strict but also friendly. Check out our East Midlands airport parking page to see our range of great value, fully secured car parks at or just outside the airport.We also have plenty of three and four-star East Midlands airport hotels to suit any budget, too, from the reliable Premier Inn to the luxurious Hilton.

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