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His investigations revealed anemia (Hb - 10 gm/d L), polymorphonuclear leucocytosis (total leucocyte count - 24,900/cumm), azotemia (urea - 68 mg/d L, creatinine - 2 mg/d L), dyslipidemia (total cholesterol 225 mg/d L, LDL - cholesterol - 156 mg/d L, triglycerides - 223 mg/d L) and poor glycemic control (glycosylated haemoglobin - 9.2%).

A detailed work up for the diabetic complications revealed background retinopathy and nephropathy (macroalbuminuria 480 mg/24 h).

Extensive arterial calcification is reported in patients with diabetes, dyslipidemia and disorders of mineral metabolism.

Other risk factors for calciphylaxis are female sex, obesity, high pulse pressure, protein C deficiency and use of glucocorticoids.

The disease usually involves the small and medium arterioles with sparing of the large vessels.Glycemic control was optimized with the use of multiple doses of insulin along with linagliptin.The wound healed completely over next 8 weeks with no residual complication.We present a case of calciphylaxis along with extensive vascular calcifications and asymptomatic kidney disease with an uneventful recovery.A 60-year-old patient, known case of type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) for 12 years presented with a nonhealing ulcer of right foot for the duration of 1-month.

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