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Visit any of the buildings and you'll be greeted with a serene space and bright, bold architecture.This temple, located at the western outskirts of Kyoto, has lived through eight separate fires before most recently being rebuilt in 1864.Disclaimer: We're not responsible for any impulse airfare purchases as a result of this slideshow.This Buddhist temple in Eastern Kyoto is part of a series of monuments in the ancient city that have been dubbed UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

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Hiraizumi is a town in the southern area of the Iwate Prefecture in the Tohoku region of Japan and is well known for its historic ruins and sacred buildings—many of the temples have been named World Heritage Sites.

Legend has it that two fishermen found a statue of Kannon in the nearby Sumida River in 628.

After showing it to the chief of their village, he remodeled his own home into a small temple to enshrine the statue for city-wide worshipping.

This temple—which has been around since 728—has seen its fair share of trauma since opening as a training center for Buddhist monks.

In 855, the head from the temple's Great Buddha statue tumbled to the ground during an earthquake (and shortly repaired afterward).

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