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There’s never been a better ambassador for the sport. But Sam Pilgrim is not coming to your hometown and closing down trails, quite the opposite. That’s the only way the bike industry is going to get the message. But I’d be just as pissed off at a guy riding Moto on Mtb only trails.

The vast majority of Mtb riders that I know are either completely against them or apathetic. So the bike industry comes up with a way to do it and calls it progress. Incremental improvements making all our bikes “obsolete” overnight isn’t innovation. E-bikes are not mainly targeted at the disabled, (for which I firmly believe they should have access to) they’re targeted at couch potatoes with delusions of grandeur.

Since you like porsche there you go a similar but incompetent design

scale=down @Extremmist: oh yeah, that’s why Ferrari runs one of the most expensive schools in the world, school of car design.

If you think form designers don’t sit together with designers of aerodynamics or suspension (you know engineers design things) you have no clue what you are talking about.

A dude in my office designs lamps and sofas, each design takes over a year to do and can cost hundreds of thousands of euros, for a freaking pendant lamp, and you will tell me function ahead of form. Off course but one doesn’t exclude other and doesn’t mean that company doesn’t spend millions on form design of each car so that it looks as desireable as possible. @Extremmist: "it's just beautiful, there's not a single unnecessary line, curve or shape on it."There definitely are some unnecessary lines unless it looks like this true, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder for the most part.

The patents and geo are not too much different..least not enough to a) spend 4-10k b) sell your bike to get a new one c) make you heaps better.

@Unrealityshow: I am sure that after the Sam Pilgrims thing on Pinkbike there are some people in the world who wish you gyus complete trail closure for non motorized MTBs across all US territory. @WAKIdesigns: we don't have to worry mate, two years ago a comment saying "29ers are gay" had 200props almost anywhere. In fact I’d say he does more now just as a wild [email protected] Burn: I mean I was just commenting on how ugly the haibike is. but I also live in Colorado and we have had to work so hard to have the mountain bike access that we do have. we have had trails taken away and what days we can ride limited, and that is just with normal mountain bikes. do you have any experience with the trail access issues near the front [email protected] Goat Lover: I think that people have generally more idea about looks than performance... I've had some ugly bikes that worked really really well. Anyhoo, it is much better to say that to an Italian than saying that AC Milan sucks to a fan of that’s quite funny to read how every PB user is making such an informed choice, while most of my friends of all budgets buy something that is one of currently available deals or a surprise deal or something funky. Just because the bike isn't pretty doesn't mean it doesn't have high end parts on it. Its where art and science meets, like musical instruments or cars, bikes are no different to me... That's why there's a Top Gear episode where 0k supercars were getting killed by old subarus, Mitsubishis and pickup trucks. That’s like going around Abu Dhabi with T-shirt with the drawing of prophet Mohamed This!

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