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Ohio Revised Code: 3781.29 (B)The tolerance zone, or approximate location, is "the site of the underground utility facility including the width of the underground utility facility plus eighteen inches (0.5m) on each side of the facility".If no width of the facility is given by the utility, you are to assume 2 inches.Ohio Revised Code: 3781.29, 3781.26Each utility shall locate and mark the approximate location of its underground utility facilities at the excavation site.They may not mark service lines that were privately installed.

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You can check the positive responses for your ticket at or by calling 800-445-3894.Some utility owners will use Positive Response which is included in the new legislation which became effective March 27, 2013.Positive response is a closing of the communication loop.Ohio Revised Code: 3781.25 (I)Re-markings are only necessary if: The excavation did not commence within 10 days Ohio Revised Code: 3781.28 (A) The markings are destroyed or removed before excavation is completed, the excavator shall notify the utility that the markings have been destroyed or removed, and the utility shall remark the approximate locations within 48 hours of the notice. will not refuse a ticket from any caller, we advise the actual excavator place the call to O. At least forty 48 hours but not more than ten days before commencing excavation, the excavator shall notify the protection service of the location of the excavation site and the date on which the excavation is planned to commence. is a notification center and not a line locating service.Ohio Revised Code: 3781.31 Notice of actual commencement of excavation or of removal or markings If the crew leaves the job site for any number of consecutive days, for safety purposes it is recommended that the lines be remarked before any additional excavation commences. Ohio Revised Code: 3781.28There is no fee for the utility companies to mark their lines. Ohio Revised Code: 3781.29Yes, it is the law to call before digging even if you need to call for private markings also.

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