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The 66-year-old actor married his longtime boyfriend, 52-year-old artist Rainer Andreesen, this past Saturday. #justgotmarried #elopedintofino #canada @therealvictorgarber #after16years," Andreesen Instagrammed on Saturday alongside a cute pic of the couple in black suits.

WATCH: Celebs Who Had Secret Weddingsco-star Jennifer Garner's nuptials to her now ex, Ben Affleck.

He looks, to be honest, quite a bit like The Most Interesting Man in the World from those beer commercials. Indigo pants seem more fully realized when Rainer Andreesen wears them. Rainer Andreesen wears a blazer with no shirt underneath it and you're like "Yes, that's correct."You just want to take him home to your houseboat and have him build you a bookshelf and give you a good grade and eat lobster with hands and then disappear into the fog one morning and never return.

magazine about her relationship with Affleck and his alleged affair with their children's nanny, Garber revealed to ET that the 43-year-old actress is handling life post-split "really well.""She's dealing with a lot of stress and pain, and dealing with it in, I think, a magnificent way," Garber, who officiated Garner and Affleck's 2005 wedding ceremony, told ET on the red carpet for the "I've always found her to be incredibly authentic. And so, all that said, she's dealing with the situation, I think, miraculously."The interview, Garner is very pleased with the way the article turned out."I talked to her yesterday," Garber explained.

The Hottest Guy in the World is named Rainer Andreesen.

He is a portrait artist who has modeled for Gucci, Armani, and Valentino.

Garber then added: ‘He’s going to be out here with me for the SAG Awards.’” So the big question is, since Garber has always been out and proud, why make a big deal about it now?

We suppose because it's awards season and that it's nice to have an out actor who makes no bones about it.

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"I think it's awesome," Cooper said about the rumors.

WATCH: Are Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner Still Living Together?

Still, Garner and Affleck's split does seem to be pretty amicable -- the two were recently spotted enjoying a super friendly sushi night out.

Perhaps best known for , and as Greg in Hollywood blogger Greg Hernandez recent confirmed in a press junket interview: Yep, Garber is gay.

Hernandez met Garber last week at the TV Critics Association Press Tour in Pasadena, Calif., when he asked Garber about a Wikipedia entry that stated he lives in New York with his partner .

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