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For some OTs a conference could cost as much as a whole year’s salary, but the need for equitable access to knowledge transfer opportunities is vital in a profession that continues to grow.In a world where technology is becoming more and more ubiquitous many occupational therapists are gaining techno-confidence.This is another opportunity to steer things in a feminine way.For example, If he suggests his house for a video, you can say you heard a great band was playing at…or the weather is going to be great, let’s get a drink at an outdoor bar.This way, you aren’t suggesting something expensive, but you are letting him know in a feminine way you prefer to go out.You Can Be Direct If Needed If that still doesn’t register for him, be totally direct and say, “I need to get to know you better before I go to your home.

On Friday morning, he texted back asking me if I wanted to “hang out” that night.He contacted you the very next day after your date to secure you for the weekend. Now, let’s bend a little on formality – not that you need to accept a date from a same day request.First off, men like texting to communicate because they talk one third as much as women do. Use Your Feminine Charm You don’t have to text to set up dates though.Here’s how to use your feminine energy to handle the short notice and that you are not available: “It would be fun to see you and thanks for asking.” “I’m not free to night how about Saturday/Sunday? Hanging Out Is Not a Good Second Date Regarding hanging out, I don’t advise this for my dating coaching clients at all. But this might not mean he only wants to be casual.Still more dating collecting to be done here to know for sure.

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