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Of course this is business, and very clever business, and I’m not sad that a business would employ these tactics, its simply the nature of this thing.

What’s sad is the reminder that so many young people are content, and even excited, to have a product that they effectively developed themselves sold back to them as something they need for validity.

Skaters and football bods still wear Supreme and Stone Island, respectively, but have become pale, secondary and vanishing embodiments of the popular logos.

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The new year has brought to Bath some hardcore edge.Now it seems that’s being by-passed to just simply supply that wider audience with what they’re likely to panic-buy when their brain’s commercially-trained reward centres process certain logos.Then, though, a brand no longer really stands for anything, and surely won’t then grow a much wider audience still, as there’s no substance to be bought in to. Remember, market research data is very very available now for free, we all fill out answers all day on social media, businesses work out which voluntarily submitted pools of data will hold the keys to selling their product hand-over-fist and produce accordingly.Niki Johari, freshers crew, told us how one of her freshers even asked how to thoroughly “clean his bong without a dishwasher”.Before chart bangers would blast through Fresh’s speakers, getting one and all in the queue ready for a heavy night. Blocking out the mainstreamers So why is everybody at Bath pretending to be homeless all of a sudden?

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