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2 on its list of music’s biggest money-makers and whose last 10 studio albums have topped the country chart.He’s almost certain to make it 11 with his latest, “Cosmic Hallelujah,” which came out Friday.But when we came out here it was a whole new energy. You also sing about trying to focus and be present, which strikes me as very L. We communicate at such a fast pace now, and if you don’t, you’re left behind. With all that, I felt I’d lost this certain sense of intimacy on every level of my life: I wasn’t creative; I was a bad friend; I was a bad boyfriend. But the way they walk through the world — I’m very attracted to these kind of women. I don’t have that family vibe at my show, but I also do — it’s just a different kind of family.

You take that along with everybody on TV trying to get their message across and it all just becomes white noise. When you look out from the stage during one of your shows, I assume you see more phones than faces. I see it as me raising my hand and saying, “I think this pace has gotten the best of me, and I’m trying to come back a little bit.” I’m not saying you shouldn’t communicate like that, but maybe think about it. They have a different attitude toward women than many current country songs; you’re not objectifying your partner or trying to contain her. My mom and my grandmother were in the hospital at the same time having us — I have an aunt that’s my age. But I do think that trend’s going away a little bit. I mean, I couldn’t have written “Wild Child” when I was 28. I haven’t written family songs because I don’t have a family; it’s not my truth. Presented only twice before (to Garth Brooks and Taylor Swift), the prize is meant to recognize an artist “who has achieved global prominence through concert performances and record sales at levels unique in country music,” according to the CMA.And the description certainly fits Chesney, whom Billboard ranked last year at No.But you can bet he’ll turn heads Wednesday night at the annual Country Music Assn.Awards, where Chesney is set to receive the Nashville trade group’s highest honor, the Pinnacle Award.

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